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Loop Components

Give input to your coworkers seamlessly by sending a table, bulleted list, and more that everyone in the chat or channel can edit inline—and see changes instantly. go to Everyone in your chat will be able to edit your message.

  1. Go to the messaging area and start with a blank message.

  2. Select Loop components  Loop icon, and choose a component type.

  3. Enter some content to guide your collaboration.

  4. Press Send  Send a message icon.

Collaborative Notes

Bring inclusion and accountability to your teammates with collaborative notes. All meeting participants can add agenda items, co-edit notes, and track follow-up tasks.

  1. To access collaborative notes before a meeting: select Calendar  Meetings button on the left side of Teams, then select the meeting. At the bottom of the invite, look for the notes next to Notes  Notes icon with bottom right corner folded up

  2. During a meeting, look for Notes  Notes icon with bottom right corner folded upat the top of your meeting window to open them.

The Meet app

The Meet app in Microsoft Teams is the one place to manage all your meeting activities. 

  1. Select Meet  Video call button on the left side of Teams.

  2. See what meetings are coming up, and request to record ones in advance by selecting Record meeting under the meeting.

  3. Join the meeting from the Meet app by selecting Join under the meeting.

  4. Let people know you're running late by selecting Running late, which sends a message to all attendees in the meeting chat.

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