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Authorized Service Providers (ASP): To get in-person service for your Surface, you can visit a Microsoft Authorized Service Provider to get quality service performed by trusted experts using certified parts.

How to prepare your Surface for an Authorized Service Provider

  • Before arriving at the Authorized Provider (ASP), please back up your data. The data on your Surface may be erased as part of the service process. However, if you prefer, you can erase your data yourself prior to your visit.

  • Please bring your original receipt, invoice, or copy to confirm the warranty status of your device. But if you cannot provide an invoice, don’t worry! The ASP will verify your warranty status with your Surface’s serial number. Please view the update your warranty with proof of purchase page for more information.

  • If your device or accessory is damaged, the warranty terms will determine whether it can be fixed or replaced.

  • If your device or accessory is outside of its warranty period and you do not have an extended warranty, it may not be replaced, and you may need to pay for any repairs performed.

  • Support services (including professional hardware inspection, troubleshooting, and system recovery services) may vary based on location. See your local ASP for details.

Participating partners and locations

For current locations and more information please visit Surface 修理サービス | ビックカメラグループ (biccamera.co.jp)

If you don’t live near an Authorized Service Provider or need additional support, Contact Us

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