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Use Surface Pen

Write, draw, and navigate with a pen with on your Surface.  

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Explore Surface Slim Pen

Drawing on Surface screen

Express yourself freely with digital ink 

Get tips on how to use your pen in Microsoft 365.  

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Taking Surface Slim pen

Use Surface Slim Pen 2 

Learn about tactile signals on your pen and how to connect it to your Surface.  

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USB-C Charging base with Surface Slim Pen

Use USB-C Charging base with your pen 

Set up your charging base to store your Surface Slim Pen. 

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Surface Slim Pen and battery icon

Fix problems with charging your pen 

If your Surface Slim Pen isn't charging, try these steps to fix it.

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Explore Surface Pen

Surface Pen and Surface Slim Pen

Which Surface Pen do I have?

Find out which pen you have and which Surface models work with it. 

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Surface Pen and question mark

Troubleshoot your Surface Pen

Try these steps if your pen isn’t pairing or working with your Surface.  

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Surface Pen and batteries

Change Surface Pen batteries

Learn how to change the batteries in your pen. 

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Pointing Surface Pen tip

Replace Surface Pen tips 

Learn how to get replacement tips for your pen. 

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Work remotely

Get resources and tools to connect, work, learn, and play from home. 

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Working on Surface Book.

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