Surface is connected to a wireless network, but Wi-Fi is limited or isn’t working

Applies to: Surface DevicesSurface

Here are some solutions to try if you can connect to Wi-Fi but can’t browse the web on your Surface or your network has limited connectivity.

Before you begin, check your symptoms

Check the Wi-Fi settings on your Surface:

  • Go to Start  and select Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi.

What you see

  • Your wireless network appears in the list of available networks.
  • Your Surface shows that it’s connected to your wireless network.
  • Limited may appear under your network name in Wi-Fi settings.
Network has limited connectivity
  • When you open a web browser, you get a connection error.
Connection error in Microsoft Edge

Check your network on another device

You should first check to see whether your network is working properly on another device. Can you connect to your wireless network and browse the web from another PC, tablet, or smartphone?

  • If you can’t browse the web from any other device, the problem may be with the network itself. See Can’t browse the web on any devices below.
  • If you can browse the web on another PC or tablet but not on your Surface, see Can browse the web on other devices but not on Surface below.