Accessibility for phone screen in the Your Phone app

Applies to: Windows 10

How do I enable accessibility features with Your Phone Companion?

Phone screen supports accessibility features like screen reading and focus tracking.

On your PC:

  1. In the Your Phone app, select Phone screen.
    Your Phone won't be able to configure accessibility with your PC correctly if you're not running the app first. The accessibility service requires you to initiate a phone screen session before you can enable the service.
  2. Once you begin the Phone screen session, the application will recognize that TalkBack is enabled and prompt you to enable our service. This allows the Your Phone Companion accessibility service to connect to your phone.

You can also enable the service manually using the following steps.

On your Android phone:

  1. Open your phone Settings app.
  2. Select Accessibility.
  3. Select Installed services.
  4. Select Your Phone Companion and turn the switch “On” to enable. Tap “OK” to accept service permissions.

Once the Your Phone Companion accessibility service is enabled, Narrator spoken feedback will play through the PC speakers or headphones plugged into the PC. You can navigate through your Android phone screen on your PC by using your keyboard and mouse.

Navigating while Your Phone Companion accessibility service is enabled

When the Your Phone Companion accessibility service is enabled, you will navigate on your PC in phone screen with the keyboard using default Android accessibility keys.

Here is a list of the basic navigation shortcuts:

  • To move to next item hold Alt + Right arrow
  • To move to previous item hold Alt + Left arrow
  • To move to item above hold Alt + Up arrow
  • To move to item below hold Alt + Down arrow
  • To select an item in focus or click focused element hold Alt + Enter

View the full list of Android TalkBack navigation keys.