Word document does not print after you change the Page Orientation setting to Landscape in the printer driver


Consider the following scenario:
  • You open a Microsoft Office Word document that uses the A4 paper size.
  • You take steps to print the document, as follows:
    • In Word 2010, you open the Print Center on the File tab.
    • For Word 2007, you open the Print dialog box.
  • You select the Letter paper size, or your printer supports only the Letter paper size.
  • You open the printer properties and then change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape.
  • You print the document.
When the document prints in this scenario, the text is not scaled to fill the page. Instead, the text is shifted to the upper-right corner of the page.

This issue also occurs if the following conditions are true:
  • You use Landscape orientation to print a document that is configured to use the Letter paper size.
  • The printer uses A4-sized paper.


This issue occurs when you use the printer driver to change the page orientation. When you do this, the Word page-scaling feature that resizes the A4 paper size to the Letter paper size, and that resizes the Letter paper size to the A4 paper size, does not correctly scale the page to fit the new orientation.


To work around this issue, change the page orientation in Word, not in the printer driver. To do this, follow these steps.

In Word 2010
  1. On the Page Layout tab, click Landscape under Orientation.
  2. Print the document.
In Word 2007
  1. On the Page Layout tab, click Page Setup to open the Page Setup dialog box.
  2. On the Margins tab, click Landscape.
  3. In the Apply to list, click Whole document, and then click OK.
  4. Print the document.