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Manage team schedules with Shifts
Manage team schedules with Shifts

Create a Shifts schedule

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With Shifts in Microsoft Teams, create a schedule, assign shifts to your team members, copy and reuse shifts, and add open shifts.

Schedules and groups

  1. To create a new schedule:

    • Select Create a new schedule to build one from scratch.

    • Select View to choose an existing schedule.

    • Select Create on the team you want. You must be a team owner to create one. 

  2. Select Add group to organize your schedule based on a job type or location. 

  3. To name the group, select More options  > Rename group, type a group name, and then select Save.

  4. To add people to a group, select Add people, choose someone, and then select Add

    Tip: When you rename a shift's group name, people are automatically assigned tags that match their schedule and shift. This lets you @mention anyone currently on your shift in a chat or channel of a team. See Using tags in Teams to learn more.

Create a shift for a team member

  1. To create a shift for someone, select their row, and then select More options > Add shift.

  2. Add or edit start and end times, a custom label, break times, shift notes, and activities, and then select Save.

Copy a shift

  1. To reuse the same shift across your schedule, on the shift, select More options  > Copy. Or, press CTRL + C. 

  2. To include shift activities, turn the Always include shift activities when copying shifts toggle On, and then select Done.  

  3. To paste, choose an empty slot and select More options > Paste. Or, press Ctrl + V.

Add an open shift

  • Choose a day, and then select More options > Add open shift.

  • If you need to copy or switch to another schedule, select Copy schedule, or select the menu  and then choose a shift to switch to.

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