Cross-post a channel conversation in Teams

Do you have information or an announcement that needs to be shared across multiple teams and channels? You can post that message to multiple channels at once.

Note: You can cross-post from Teams on desktop or web.

Cross-post a new channel conversation

  1. In the channel, select New conversation > Format Format button in Teams.

  2. At the upper-right area of the box that opens, select the dropdown to choose between New conversation or Announcement.

    Teams - new channel conversation

  3. Select Post in multiple channels > Select channels.

    How to post in multiple channels

  4. Choose the channels you want to cross-post to, or use search to find a channel. You can post wherever you're a member. Select Update to save.

    Choose channels to post in.

  5. The To field updates and shows the channels your message will be posted in. Type your message and select Send. This posts your message to the selected channels.

    Selected channels to post in

Edit a cross-post

You can edit your original message in a cross-post anytime by selecting More actions  More options button  in the post, and then choosing Edit  Edit button.

From here, you can also add channels to post in, or you can remove channels from the list. Select Post in multiple channels Select channels to find a channel to add. To remove a channel, just delete it from the To field.

Finally, for any post you create, you can make it a cross-post by selecting More actions  More options button, then choosing Edit  Edit buttonPost in multiple channels > Select channels, and then selecting the channels you want to add.

Note: Team owners can establish moderation rules to control who can post, react, and reply to messages in a channel. For more details. see Change moderator roles and settings in a channel.

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