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Microsoft Loop is a transformative co-creation experience that brings together teams, content and tasks across your tools and devices. Loop combines a powerful and flexible canvas with portable components that move freely and stay in sync across applications — enabling teams to think, plan, and create together.

To get started, go to the Loop home page, start with template. You'll find helpful Loop mobile app guidance here. If you’re an IT admin, check out instructions to enable Loop for your organization. 

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The three elements of Loop

Loop components are portable pieces of content that stay in sync across all the places they are shared. Components allow you to collaborate in the flow of work — on a Loop page or in a chat, email, meeting, or document. They can be lists, tables, notes, and more — you’re always working with the latest information in your preferred app, like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word, Whiteboard, and the Loop app.

Loop pages are flexible canvases in the Loop app where you can bring together people and all your components, links, tasks, and data. Loop pages can start small and continue to grow to match the size of your ideas. Loop pages can be shared across M365 apps as a link or as an embedded Loop component.

Loop workspaces are shared spaces that allow you and your team to see and group everything important to your project, making it easy for you to catch up on what everyone is working on and track progress toward shared goals.

How do I use Loop components in other apps?

Loop components are currently supported in Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word for the web, and Whiteboard. Choose one of the links below to learn more:

Microsoft Teams

First things to know about Loop components in Microsoft Teams

Send a Loop component in Teams chat


Use Loop components in Outlook


Use Loop components in OneNote

Word for the web

Use Loop components in Word for the web


Loop components in Whiteboard

Ready to try it?

Get started with Loop today by signing in with your personal or work account at, or start with a Loop template.

Want to give feedback?

During this preview we want to hear from you to help improve your experience – so send us your feedback in the app to help us shape the journey.

In the bottom right corner, select Help > Give feedback.

Giving feedback in Microsoft Loop

On Android or iOS, tap your profile picture at the top left to find Help and feedback.

Known Issues

There are a few known issues with Loop. We'll work to keep this page updated as we identify and fix issues.

Microsoft Loop doesn't support external sharing for guests or external users; plans to build these features are in progress.

If you see the error "We couldn't save the Loop workspace and pages you've created.", try these steps:

Possible solutions (using Loop with a peronsal Microsoft Account):

  • You need to sign into with your Microsoft Account. Once you've signed in one time, everything that Loop needs from Outlook can be set up the next time you try to use Loop.

Possible solutions (using Loop with a work or school account):

  • You need to have an Exchange Online mailbox associated with your Organization ID. Once you've been provisioned an Exchange Online mailbox, and you've signed into it one time, everything that Loop needs from Exchange Online can be set up the next time you try to use Loop. Work with your Microsoft 365 administrator or your help desk to ensure you have an active Exchange Online mailbox.

  • You need to have at least read access to your organization's  SharePoint Online root site. We are working on a long-term solution to not require this. Until then, work with your Microsoft 365 administrator or your help desk to ensure you have a minimum of read access to the root site.

Frequently asked questions

You can use the Loop app on the web, iOS, and Android.

You can use Loop components in Teams, Outlook, Word for the web, and Whiteboard.

Loop does not cost any money during the public preview. There are some limits during the public preview, which you can learn more about  here.

Check out the instructions in our blog:  Learn how to enable the Microsoft Loop app.

You can access all your Loop work at

Note: Your Loop workspaces and components contribute to your Microsoft cloud storage, and if you exceed your storage quota, you may not be able to send or receive email. Learn more.


  1. To delete a Loop component, open the Loop mobile app or go to and navigate to the component you want to delete.

  2. Select More at the top of the page, then select Delete.


  • To Restore a deleted component, open the Recycle bin from any other page in the workspace, then select More then Restore.

  • To empty your Recycle bin, select Empty all at the top of the Recycle bin page.

  • Your Loop workspaces and components contribute to your Microsoft cloud storage, and if you exceed your storage quota, you may not be able to send or receive email. Learn more.


  1. To delete a Workspace, go to and select Grid view.

  2. Select More on the workspace you want to delete, then select Delete.

Caution: Once deleted, Workspaces cannot be restored.

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Want to ask or answer questions about Microsoft Loop? Chat with others who are using Loop? Visit the Microsoft Answers community for Microsoft Loop here!

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