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Manage your contacts

Manage your contacts in Outlook on the web

In addition to your email inbox and calendar, Outlook also lets you manage contacts to make sure information about the people you need to stay in touch with is always up to date.

Create a contact

  1. Select People.

  2. Select New contact.

  3. Add details.

  4. Select Add more and choose the extra details you want.

  5. Select Create.

A screenshot of the New contact button

Edit a contact

  1. Select a contact.

  2. Select Edit.

  3. Make the changes you want.

    Note: Some information is provided by your organization and you won't be able to edit it.

  4. Select Save.

A screenshot of the Edit contact button

Create a contact list

  1. Select the down-arrow next to New contact and choose New contact list.

  2. Give the contact list a name.

  3. Type names or email addresses to add to the contact list.

  4. Add a description.

  5. Select Create.

A screenshot of the New contact menu with New contact list selected

Connect your Microsoft 365 account to LinkedIn

When you connect your account to LinkedIn, you bring your network of connections right into Outlook. This will add extra info to profile cards and in Outlook for the web gives you information on a LinkedIn tab within their contact card.

Here's how you connect:

  1. In a profile card, select the LinkedIn icon or section.

  2. Select Yes, Let's go / Continue to LinkedIn.

  3. If prompted, sign in to your LinkedIn account.

  4. Select Accept to connect your LinkedIn account with your Microsoft 365 account.

  5. Choose one:

    • Select Accept to allow your work or school account to share data with LinkedIn.

    • Select Not Now if you don't want to allow your work or school account to share data with LinkedIn.

  6. If prompted, select Got it/OK to complete the setup.

Learn more about how this integration works here: LinkedIn in Microsoft apps and services.

LinkedIn in your Microsoft apps

Note: Features and information in this guide apply to Outlook on the web as available through Microsoft 365.

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