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Outlook on the web Quick Start
Outlook on the web Quick Start

Organize email

Prioritize messages with Focused Inbox

Focused Inbox sorts your email into two tabs: Focused for messages you’re most likely to read, and Other for the rest.

To turn on Focused Inbox:

  • Select Settings Settings > Focused Inbox.

To move a message from one tab to the other:

  1. Select the Focused tab, or the Other tab.

  2. Select the message you want to move, on the toolbar select Move to > Move to... or Always move to...

Focused Inbox in Outlook on the web

Use Filters to sort and display your messages

Use filters to choose which messages to display.

  1. Select Filter.

  2. Select an option.

Filtering email in Outlook on the web

View messages as conversations or individually

To view related messages as a single conversation or thread:

  1. Select Settings Settings.

  2. Under Conversation view, select if you want the messages as a conversation with:

    • Newest messages on top

    • Newest messages on bottom

To view messages individually:

  1. Select Settings Settings.

  2. Under Conversation view, select Off.

Conversation view toggles in Outlook on the web

Create a rule

Use rules to automate actions on incoming email, like moving certain messages to a specific folder.

  1. To create a rule on a specific message:

    • Right-click it and select Create rule…. You can also select More options (...) and select Create rule.

    To edit an existing rule:

    • Select SettingsSettings> View all Outlook settings.

  2. Select Mail > Rules.

  3. Select Edit rule next to the rule you want to change.

  4. Make the changes you want.

  5. Select Save.

Create a new rule in Outlook on the web

Archive a message

Keep your inbox clean by archiving messages that you’ve replied to or acted on, but don't want to delete or move to a folder.

  1. Choose one or more messages.

  2. Right-click and select Archive.

    Or select Archive on the toolbar.

Archived items are easy to find from the search box or in the Archive folder.

Archiving messages in Outlook on the web

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