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Help your audience search and consume videos more easily with manual chapters for Stream (on SharePoint). Owners can break videos down into smaller, digestible sections organized by a Table of contents. Viewers can search a video’s chapters and Table of contents to quickly determine whether the video’s content is relevant to them and to easily find and jump to a specific section of the video.

Add chapters to a video

As a video owner, you can add chapters to videos uploaded to Stream (on SharePoint).

  1. Select and open a video.

  2. Select the Video settings icon from the menu in the upper-right corner of the video.

    A video is open in a browser. The video settings menu is open in the upper right corner of the video.

  3. Toggle Chapters to on
    The video settings menu is open. A toggle next to the chapters field indicates where a user can toggle chapters on or off.

  4. Once chapters are enabled, the Chapters icon will appear in the menu in the upper-right corner of the video. Select + New chapter to create a chapter.

    A video's chapters pane is open. Text reads "+ New chapter," indicating this is where a video's owner can create a chapter.

  5. A new chapter will appear based on the position of your cursor on the Seek bar. Add a chapter title in the Title field.

    A video's chapter pane is open and a chapter and its fields are highlighted. This indicates where a user can make changes to a chapter's fields.

    Select the Check mark to the right of the Timecode field to save your chapter information. Select the X icon to the right of the Timecode field to cancel your changes before they've been saved.

    Repeat these steps for each new chapter you wish to add.

To edit chapters later, select the Edit icon next to the chapter. 

A video's chapter pane is open and populated by several chapters.

To change a timecode that's been automatically populated, move your cursor to the desired starting point on the Seek bar. Or, type the timecode you want your chapter to start at in the Timecode field beneath the chapter's Title field. The chapter start time and associated thumbnail will update.  

How Chapters appear to viewers

If a video’s owner has created chapters for that video, Chapter markers will appear on the Seek bar. Viewers can hover over a marker to view a chapter’s title. To view a video’s chapter list, viewers can select the Chapters icon in the upper-right corner of the video. The video’s chapter list will open to the right of the video.

A video is open in a browser. The video's menu options are in the upper-right corner. A mark on the timeline displays the chapter title of the section of video currently playing.

When a viewer selects a chapter title on the Seek bar or in the Chapters list, playback will jump to that timecode and start playing from the beginning of the selected chapter.

A video's chapter pane is open and displays chapter information.

I get an error message when saving chapters to my video

If the chapters you added to your video do not save and you get the error message below, try refreshing the page.

A video's chapter pane is open. An error message states that a chapter could not be added.

If you refresh the page and the issue persists, check the video's upload date. Some videos uploaded prior to February 16, 2022 will need to be reuploaded for the manual chapters feature to work. 

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