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Templates and stationery
Templates and stationery

Add stationery to your email

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Stationery gives your email a consistent look with colorful backgrounds, patterns, and designs. Watch this video to learn how to use it.

Stationery gives your email a consistent look with colorful backgrounds, patterns, and designs.

Before you use stationery, make sure Outlook is set to Create email in HTML.

Click FILE, Options, and Mail. And, make sure Compose messages in this format is set to HTML.

To add stationery to all of your new emails, click Stationery and Fonts.

On the Personal Stationery tab, click Theme.

Pick the stationery you want. Note that stationery and themes are essentially the same thing.

Stationery such as Bears (Stationery) provides background colors and patterns.

A Theme, such as Concrete, provides custom fonts, bullets, and other elements in addition to background colors and patterns.

Click OK, and now all new emails use the theme or stationery you chose.

To go back to the default background, fonts, and so on, follow the steps we just did, select (No Theme) and click OK.

You might not want to use stationery on every email. No problem. You can apply stationery to only specific emails instead.

Like coworker Dougs birthday is tomorrow, and I want the email party announcement to be more festive than usual.

On the HOME tab instead of clicking new email, I click New Items, point to E-mail Message Using and click More Stationery.

I select the Theme or Stationery I want, such as Hand Prints (Stationery). Click OK.

Fill out the email and click Send.

After I send the announcement, my email goes back to using the regular stationery.

So that's our overview of Templates and Stationery in Outlook 2013.

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