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Junk e-mail, often called "spam", can be bothersome and even offensive. Take this course and learn how to optimize the Junk E-mail Filter provided with Outlook 2013.

Junk e-mails, also known as Spam, are a nuisance in your Inbox.

To keep your Inbox cleaner, you can enable the Junk e-mail filter, which identifies emails that are likely junk and moves them to your Junk E-Mail folder.

To set the junk email filter protection level, let's click HOME, Junk, and then Junk E-mail Options...

We recommend setting the level to Low.

This usually results in most Junk emails and the fewest legitimate emails being moved to your Junk E-Mail folder.

We also recommend leaving the other options, such as Disable links and Other functionality in phishing messages set to their defaults, and click OK.

If you have multiple email accounts in Outlook, you need to do this for each one.

To make sure Outlook has the latest Junk e-mail filters, enable Windows Update.

For information about this, see the link, Update your computer in the course summary at the end of the course.

Up next: Manage Junk e-mail with the Blocked Senders and Safe Senders lists.

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