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Print worksheets and workbooks
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Print worksheets and workbooks

Print headings, gridlines, and formulas

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Print gridlines and, for multiple page worksheets, print row or column headers or labels (also called print titles) in the first row or multiple rows on every page.

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Freeze or lock panes

Insert headers and footers

Print a worksheet or workbook

Here are a few more things you can do with printing in Excel, including printing headings, gridlines, row and column headings, and formulas.

You can even mimic a watermark and print it.

The first row of this worksheet has labels for the columns. This is referred to as a header row.

Since the worksheet is longer than a page, printing the header row on every page makes the worksheet easier to read.

You won't have to keep flipping back to Page 1 to remember what data was in a column.

Click the PAGE LAYOUT tab, and click Print Titles. Click in Rows to repeat at top, and then click any cell in row 1.

The entire row is automatically filled in for me. You can select multiple rows.

You can also select Columns to repeat at left to have columns repeating on the left of every page.

Click Print Preview, and in print preview you can see that the header will print at the top of every page.

If you have frozen or locked panes and want to print the top or left pane on every page, see the course summary at the end of the course for a link to the Freeze or lock panes course.

There are comments in this worksheet. When I point to the red indicator in the corner of this cell, the comment appears.

When you print a worksheet, you can print the comments at the end of the worksheet or as they display on the worksheet.

To print the comments as they display on the worksheet, you first have to display them.

Click the REVIEW tab, and click Show All Comments. Now I click the PAGE LAYOUT tab. Click Print Titles.

Click the Comments down-arrow. You have the options to print them At end of sheet or As displayed on sheet. Click As displayed on sheet.

Click Print Preview, and in print preview you can see the comments on the worksheet.

On the screen, by default, the worksheet's pages have gridlines, making it easier to read across rows and down columns.

But when you print, by default, the gridlines are not printed.

To print gridlines in a worksheet, on the PAGE LAYOUT tab, under Gridlines, check Print .

Now when you print the worksheet, the gridlines are printed and it is easier to read.

You can print row and column headings. This is 1, 2, 3 and so-on for rows and A, B, C, and so on for columns.

It makes it easier to discuss a print-out if the rows and columns don't have some sort of sequential IDs.

On the PAGE LAYOUT tab, under Headings, check Print.

Now when you print the worksheet, the headings are printed.

You want to put a watermark on your worksheet that says "Confidential".

There isn't a watermark feature in Excel, but you can come pretty close.

On the PAGE LAYOUT tab, click Background. I already have an image I want to use.

If you don't, you can find one by clicking options such as Clip Art and Bing Image Search.

Browse or search to find the image you want, click it, and your worksheet now has a watermark that says "Confidential".

Or say, you want to have a group review of the equations in your worksheet, to make sure they are correct.

But you don't want to click in every cell that has a formula to do the review.

Instead, click the FORMULAS tab, and click Show Formulas.

And now all of the formulas, not the resulting values, are displayed in your worksheet.

Print the worksheet, and the formulas are printed.

Now, you have a good idea about how to print worksheets and workbooks.

Of course, there is always more to learn.

So, check out the course summary at the end, and best of all, explore Excel 2013 on your own.

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