Print worksheets and workbooks

Print worksheets and workbooks

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Print Excel worksheets and workbooks one at a time, or several at one time. You can also print a partial worksheet, such as an Excel table.

Print one or several worksheets

  1. Select the worksheets that you want to print.

  2. Click FILE > Print. You can also press Ctrl+P.

  3. Click the Print button, or adjust Settings before you click the Print button.

Print one or several workbooks

All workbook files that you want to print must be in the same folder.

  1. Click FILE > Open. You can also press Ctrl+O.

  2. Hold down Ctrl, and then, click the name of each workbook that you want to print.

  3. Right-click the selection, and click Print.

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Print a worksheet or workbook

You want to print the worksheet that you are working on.

Click FILE and Print. You see a preview of what the printed worksheet will look like.

Down here, Excel tells you how many pages it has, 2 in this example. Click Print.

To print the entire workbook, before you click Print, under Settings, click the arrow next to Print Active Sheets, click Print Entire Workbook.

The print preview now shows the first page of the first worksheet, and Excel now tells you it’ll print 28 pages.

Click the Next Page arrow to view different pages, and click Print.

Up next, More print options.

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