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Save a diagram as an image or a PDF file

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When you want to share a diagram with people who don’t have Visio, publish a diagram, or prevent reviewers from making changes, save it as an image file or in PDF format.

Save as a PDF file

  1. Select File > Export.

  2. Select Create PDF/XPS.

  3. Go to the folder where you want to save the file.

  4. Type a file name, and select Publish.

    Select Open file after publishing to open the PDF file after you save it.

Save as an image file

  1. Select File > Export.

  2. Select Change File Type.

  3. Select a file type.

  4. Select Save As.

  5. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the file, type a file name, and select Save.

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Save or convert to PDF

Create accessible PDFs

When you’re ready to share your diagram with others, save it in the format that best supports the way you want the file to be used.

When you save a drawing as an image or as a PDF file, reviewers don’t need Visio or Visio Online, and they can’t change the file.

I’m ready to send my office floor plan to the extended team to get feedback, but I don’t want them rearranging any furniture!

I’ll save it as a PDF file, which is the industry standard for printing.

I go to File, select Export, and select Create PDF/XPS.

I’ll give the file a name, and make sure PDF is selected in Save as type.

Because Open file after publishing is selected, when I select Publish, the saved file opens in Adobe Reader. And it looks great!

An image file is handy to add to a website or insert in a document. If I want to export the floor plan as an image or another file type, I select Change File Type to see the available options with helpful descriptions.

JPEG would be a good choice if this image included photographs, but this time I’ll save it as a PNG file, which works well with shapes and text.

I select Save As, enter the file name, and then select Save.

Because this image might be used on a website, I select Screen in both Resolution and Size.

Then I select OK.

That’s it! I’ve saved two versions of my floorplan that I can now send to my team.

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