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Surface Duo (1st Gen) features

With two screens, Surface Duo helps you get more done in better ways. It’s a thin and light mobile device that folds and fits in your pocket, so you can always take it with you. Just open your Surface Duo to use the dual, high-resolution PixelSenseTM Fusion Displays that give you 8.1” of space to work on the go throughout your day—whether it’s for work, school, or yourself.

Get to know Surface Duo

Find your way around Surface Duo by using the diagram below.

Surface Duo with callouts for buttons and ports

  1. Earpiece for phone calls

  2. Camera

  3. Volume

  4. Power

  5. Fingerprint reader

  6. SIM card slot

  7. USB-C

The Android you know—with your favorite Microsoft apps built in

Surface Duo combines the Google AndroidTM operating system with the best Microsoft 365 apps—including apps like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Microsoft Edge, and more. Since it runs on Android, you can download any other apps and games you want from the Google Play Store. This combination helps you stay connected to people and be more productive, wherever you are. (Some apps and features may require a wireless plan, additional subscriptions, or fees.)

Two screens that adapt to you

Surface Duo has a revolutionary 360° hinge, so you can fold it however you want. It adapts to you. Hold it like a book and have two apps open side-by-side with one on each screen. No need to switch back and forth between two apps anymore.

Some apps are made for two screens. When you want more room to type, work, or browse your favorite sites, just drag one of these apps to the middle, then rotate your Surface Duo to enjoy the extra space. 

Ready to talk on the phone or take pictures? Fold one screen back. And when it's time to watch your favorite shows or chat on a video call, just fold your Surface Duo like a tent, relax, and enjoy.

To learn more, see Different ways to use Surface Duo and open the Tips app on your Surface Duo.

Make a big impact with Announcements

Get the most from Surface Duo with apps made for two screens

Some apps are already installed and made for two screens, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams (just to name a few). Just drag the app to the middle and get a whole new view. For example, you’ll see an overview on one side with the details on the other. You don’t have to go back and forth in an app to get the info you need. For a detailed list of apps that are made for two screens, see Different ways to use Surface Duo.

Outlook open on Surface Duo

Get calls, text messages, notifications and more on your PC

Your Surface Duo and PC go together. With Link to Windows built into Surface Duo, and the Your Phone app on your PC, you can access everything you need from either device. Ready to get going? Check out Link your Surface Duo to your PC to learn how to set it up.

Make it yours with Surface accessories

Surface Duo Bumper

The Surface Duo Bumper is included with your Surface Duo. Just peel off the stickers and attach both parts to help protect your Surface Duo. To learn how to put it on, see Attach the Surface Duo Bumper.

Surface Duo with the bumper on

Surface Earbuds

Surface Earbuds (not included) pair quickly over Bluetooth and help you enjoy more—screen free. Use them to listen to music, chat with people, and accomplish more with Microsoft 365. To learn how to set them up, see Connect Surface Duo to your Surface Earbuds.

Surface Slim Pen

Use the Surface Slim Pen (not included) to take notes on Surface Duo, jot down ideas, or make quick sketches on the go. Check out Connect Surface Slim Pen to Surface Duo to learn how to get started.

Surface Duo with Surface Earbuds and Surface Slim Pen

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