Privacy and personal data protection in FindTime

What information does FindTime store?

FindTime stores encrypted personal information about organizers, attendees, and meetings.

  • Organizers

    • Your encrypted name, email, time zone, and the default setting you use to create polls (including your Skype information).

    • Encrypted information about every poll you've created, completed, and cancelled. This includes the attendees, poll subject and body, and the votes submitted by all participants.

    • All information about deleted polls are purged, except for the time it was created and deleted, and how it was deleted (organizer deletion, expiration, etc.).

  • Attendees

    • Encrypted name and email address as provided by the organizer.

Where is information stored?

Poll data is stored in the organizers mailbox.

What information is visible to others?

Information about organizers and attendees is only visible to people who know the voting page URL of a poll. Available information is limited to what is displayed on the page, i.e. your display name, email, the votes you submitted, who you are meeting with, and the subject of the meeting.

Who can access the organizer dashboard?

Only organizers can see information in their organizer dashboard. Organizers are authenticated by signing in to their Microsoft 365 for business account.

Who can view the voting page?

Anyone who receives an email poll can access and view the voting page. This typically includes only the organizer, recipients of email polls, and attendees added manually on the voting page.

FindTime can't control who attendees make the link to the voting page available to. It's possible for someone with the link to impersonate an attendee on the voting page.

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