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Keep up with your tasks and projects in context of your files, chats, and the rest of your Microsoft Teams channel using the Project and Roadmap apps. Bringing the power of Project for the web and Roadmap to Teams, these apps let you add projects and roadmaps as channel tabs in Teams, and anyone who has access to that Teams channel can access the tab. You can then work on your project or roadmap from within Teams or on the web, knowing that Teams will keep in sync with Project for the web and Roadmap. 

Find out how to:

Note: Everyone at your organization who has Office 365 can view projects and roadmaps that have been shared with them. People with a Project license can also edit projects and roadmaps. To find out more, ask your Office 365 admin or see user view access to Project and Roadmap

Add a Project or Roadmap tab to a Teams channel

When you add a tab using the Project or Roadmap app, you can either add an existing project or roadmap, or create a new one.

  1. In your Teams channel, select Add a tab +.

    Screen shot of choosing the plus sign to add a tab in a Teams channel

  2. In the Add a tab dialog box, choose Project or Roadmap (you may have to use Search to locate them).

    Screen shot showing Add a tab dialog box and search results for the term project

    Note: If you don't see the apps when you search, you might be searching from Chat or from a private Teams channel. The Project and Roadmap apps aren't available from those locations.

  3. In the Project or Roadmap dialog box, do one of the following:

    Use the project or roadmap in apps

    • To create something new, choose Create New Project or Create New Roadmap, and then type a name for your project or roadmap. All newly created projects will be automatically placed in the default environment.

      Screen shot of Project dialog in Teams, naming a new project

    • To add an existing project or roadmap, choose from the list. In the brackets, you will be able to see the environment from which the project is stored.  

      Note: If you don't see an existing project or roadmap in the list, it might not be shared with your team. Find it on project.microsoft.com and in the upper right of your project or roadmap, select Group members to find out what Microsoft 365 group it's shared with or to share it with the group associated with your Team.

  4. Choose whether to post to the channel about the tab, and then select Save.

    The tab will be added alongside your other team channel tabs, and you'll be able to start working with it there.

    Screen shot showing Project tab alongside other Teams channel tabs

Repeat this procedure to add as many projects or roadmaps as you want for your channel.


  • You can add the same project or roadmap to multiple tabs. This doesn't create a copy.

  • Guest users of your team can't add a Project or Roadmap tab to your Teams channel.

Work on your project in Teams

In the Project app, you can do almost everything you can do in Project for the web. Here are some resources to get you started :

One thing you can't do in the Project app in Teams is copy a project. You'll need to go to the Project for the web website (in your Project tab, choose Go to website) to Copy a project

Work on your roadmap in Teams

In the Roadmap app, you can do everything you can do in the web version of Roadmap. Find out more about using Roadmap by watching Welcome to Roadmap, or get started with some of these actions:  

Remove a Project or Roadmap tab

When you're done using a Project or Roadmap tab in Teams, you can remove it from your team channel but keep the underlying project or roadmap. 

  1. In your team channel, select the Project or Roadmap tab you want to remove, select the arrow next to the tab name, and select Remove.

    Screen shot of tab drop down showing Rename and Remove choices

  2. In the Remove dialog box, select Remove.

If you want to access your project or roadmap after the tab has been removed from your Teams channel, you can either add it back as a tab or find it at project.microsoft.com. 

Delete a project or roadmap

If you want to completely delete both the Project or Roadmap tab in Teams and the underlying project or roadmap, follow these steps.

To delete a project

  1. In your team channel, select the Project tab of the project you want to delete.

  2. Select Settings in the upper right corner. 

  3. Select the ellipses (...), and then select Delete project.

    Screen shot showing Delete project command in drop down from Project Teams tab ellipses.

  4. In the dialog box, select Delete.

To delete a roadmap

  1. In your team channel, select the Roadmap tab of the roadmap you want to delete.

  2. Select Settings in the upper right corner.

  3. At the bottom of the pane, select Delete roadmap.

    Screen shot showing Roadmap tab settings, highlighting Delete roadmap at bottom

  4. In the dialog box, select Delete.

Open your project or roadmap on the web

All projects and roadmaps that you've created in Teams or added to a Teams channel can also be found on the web. There are two ways to find them:

  • From the project or roadmap tab in Teams:    In Teams, select your team and channel and select the project or roadmap tab you want. To the far right of your tabs, choose the Go to website icon.

    Screen shot of cursor pointing to globe icon and tooltip text Go to website

    A browser window will open showing your project or roadmap.

  • From Project home on the web:    Go to project.microsoft.com and look for your project or roadmap by name under Recent, Shared with me, or Created by me. Choose Show more if you don't see it at first. Select the project or roadmap name to open it.

Add Teams conversations to Project Tasks

Project Teams app users can have Teams conversations around specific tasks. Use the conversation icon on task detail pane to open the ‘conversation pane’. Alternatively, you can open a conversation using the ‘view conversation’ button. 

Use the conversation icon

Start the conversation by typing something and sending it. Any previous messages in the conversation will be shown in the conversation pane. 

Tip: Mention a specific person using the @.  This will notify them of the message. 

start the conversation

existing conversation

All tasks which have an existing conversation will have an icon indicator in the Quick look column.

Quick look column

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using this feature:

  • Each task can only have one conversation associated with it.

  • Users can start, respond, and view Teams conversations for tasks only within the Project Teams app. The user also must have a Teams license.

  • The conversation associated to a task is stored in the Teams channel where the conversation was initiated. Users can view the conversation within the Project Teams app and within the “Posts” tab of the channel.

  • If a channel is deleted, all conversations associated to that task and channel are also deleted.

  • If a Project is pinned to multiple channels, a conversation associated to a task will remain stored in the channel where the conversation was initiated. A conversation can only be stored in one channel.

  • If you do not see this feature, it is because you are on older version of CDS. Please reach out to your admin to upgrade your CDS to or later.

Note: This feature is now currently available for projects which are part of non-default organizations as well.

Troubleshooting guide for Project in Teams

I am unable to locate the specific project that I wish to add in the list of available projects for integration with Teams.

  • Please try again after opening the project and ensuring that you have the necessary access to the required project in Project.microsoft.com.  

I am unable to open the project and encountering an "Access restricted" error message when accessing the tab.

  • If you are, please make sure that you have the appropriate permissions to access the project. This error typically indicates that your current level of permissions does not allow you to access the project. To resolve this issue, I recommend reaching out to the project administrator or the individual responsible for managing permissions. They will be able to review your access rights and adjust them accordingly to ensure you can access the project successfully.

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