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Privacy supplement for Microsoft Lync Web Scheduler

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Last updated: April 2011


Privacy supplement for Microsoft Lync Web Scheduler

Lync Web Scheduler

Privacy supplement for Microsoft Lync Web Scheduler

This page is a supplement to the Privacy Statement for Microsoft Lync Products. In order to understand the data collection and use practices relevant for a particular Microsoft Lync product or service, you should read both the Privacy Statement for Microsoft Lync Products and this supplement.

This privacy supplement addresses the deployment and use of Microsoft Lync Web Scheduler communications software deployed in your or your enterprise’s network. If you are using Microsoft Lync Server 2010 as a service (in other words, if a third party [for example, Microsoft] is hosting the servers upon which the software runs), information will be transmitted to that third party. To learn more about the use of your data that is transmitted to that third party, please consult your enterprise administrator or your service provider.

Lync Web Scheduler

What This Tool Does: Lync Web Scheduler enables end users to schedule and manage online meetings.

Information Collected, Processed, or Transmitted: The following information will be collected. No Information is sent to Microsoft.

  • Organizer name

  • Participant name(s)

  • Presenter name(s)

  • Email addresses list

  • Subject of meeting and other information about the meeting (such as, start/end-time, conference ID, passcode, and conference auto attendant/audio conferencing provider information for the user)

  • All proxy addresses for the user in Microsoft Exchange (X400-X500 addresses, Exchange Unified Messaging (UM) addresses, and SIP and phone/Exchange UM-voice mail URIs)

  • Meeting location information

Use of Information: The above information is used for scheduling and managing a meeting. The information is processed in memory and passed on to the Lync Server.

Note:  The information is shared with Lync Managed API and Lync Server.

Choice/Control: There is no ability for the end users to control passing the above information to Lync Servers.

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