Turn sales data into simplified, interactive reports

Turn sales data into simplified, interactive reports

To justify your sale territory’s value and budget, you need to present your sales reports in a clean, efficient way without relying on technical support. You need a workflow that allows you to view your sales data on any device and easily share it with your team.

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Create customized sales apps with PowerApps to show accurate and timely reports for your sales territory. Create workflows that automate repetitive sales analysis tasks across multiple apps and data sources without writing a single line of code. With PowerApps and Flow, you can access and use custom web and mobile apps with data from sources like SharePoint to simplify sales reporting.

When you’re ready to present the data to stakeholders, import it into Power BI. Use the colorful, interactive dashboard to transform data into visual insights that stakeholders can easily understand.


  • Use automated workflows for daily, repetitive sales tasks.

  • Create customized apps to easily track and analyze sales data.

  • Turn sales data into visual, interactive insights.

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