Streamline common HR processes

Streamline common HR processes

Managing HR processes like onboarding and updating policies can be challenging and takes time away from more important work. You need an easy way to automate common HR processes.

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Reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks with Microsoft Flow. Every time you hire a new employee, you perform the same set of steps, like adding the employee’s information to an onboarding list, and then sending an email to various departments to initiate the onboarding process. With Flow, you can set up a workflow from SharePoint to your email app, automatically sending the right emails to the right people whenever you add a new person to a SharePoint list. 

When you need to know if your employees are satisfied with current processes, use Microsoft Forms to create surveys and polls, and get results. Forms is an online survey, so employees can access it on any device, anytime.

Sometimes the problems HR uncovers in surveys can’t be solved with any of the current apps. With Microsoft PowerApps, HR teams can easily create apps without knowing how to write code. PowerApps lets you build and share apps from templates, so you can easily create the solution you need, like an interview tool, organization browser, or suggestion box. Create batched downloads so new employees have everything they need for their device.


  • Automate repetitive, manual tasks.

  • Initiate onboarding processes and approval requests.

  • Ensure new employees have what they need for their devices.

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