Manage ongoing case work from anywhere

Manage ongoing case work from anywhere

Work doesn’t always happen in the office. When your employees are on the go, they need easy access to casework like client documents and data to stay productive and billable.

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Access ongoing casework from anywhere on any device with OneDrive. From the road, you can access client cases you started in the office and pick up where you left off. Share your case files with colleagues and work together in real time―your changes are automatically synced back to the cloud. 

Find client data and review discovery documents shared across your organization in SharePoint. When you search a SharePoint site, your query searches the current site and any subsites below it. 

When you’re ready to share your casework with clients, use Outlook to send an attachment directly from SharePoint, so everyone is seeing the latest version.


  • Easily work on client data and documents on the go.

  • Find the client information and content you need across your organization.

  • Securely share documents with clients.

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