Sync icon overlays are missing from OneDrive and OneDrive for Business

Applies to: OneDrive for BusinessOneDrive

OneDrive icons show the status of files and folders (including the files and subfolders within them) that are open, syncing, synced, or items that cannot sync. The icons look like this:

Files or folders
sync complete

Files or folders 
or still syncing

Files or folders 
cannot be synced

OneDrive green sync icon overlay_C3_2017918133952 OneDrive sync in progress icon_C3_2017918134953 OneDrive file cannot be synced icon_C3_2017918135330



  • Sync icons do not appear as overlays if Files on Demand is enabled. Read more about Files on Demand.
  • In Windows, an administrator's account may not see the sync icon overlays in OneDrive if the account is running all operations in an elevated state. If you need the icon overlays to appear, change the Windows user type to not be an administrator.


Older versions of OneDrive and OneDrive for Business may not display sync icon overlays on files and folders

Newer versions of OneDrive and OneDrive for Business check automatically, but Windows only supports a finite number of icon overlays. If you have other applications installed that heavily use icon overlays on files and folders, such as Dropbox, those applications may take priority in displaying their icon overlays and suppress the icon overlays for OneDrive or OneDrive for Business.



If you still need help, email the OneDrive support team. In a OneDrive mobile app, shake the device to get help.