Bring the team together to create a patient care plan

Bring the team together to create a patient care plan

Creating a patient care plan requires easy access to patient records and collaboration among many team members who are often spread across offices. You need to be able to create and update your care plan with the team in real time and securely share it with your patient.

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Create a channel and store patient records in Microsoft Teams. Doctors, nurses, and specialists can collaborate on an effective care plan from wherever they are and access it securely from almost any device. 

If you have a question your immediate team can’t answer, post it to Yammer, an enterprise social network. Other specialists across your organization can assess your situation and provide input and advice. Use audio or video calling in Teams for additional insights and make decisions quickly. 

Use Outlook to set up reminders to follow up with experts and patients. Securely share your health plan with your patient in Teams so everyone is viewing the latest treatment findings.


  • Bring the entire medical team together to securely create and track a patient care plan.

  • Keep patient history, lab results, and clinical notes secure.

  • Get answers to questions from people across your organization.

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