Connect the boardroom to the shop floor

Connect the boardroom to the shop floor

Employees can feel disconnected from executive commitments, company goals and changing business direction. At the same time, executives often miss valuable feedback, real-time customer insights, and opportunities for improvement.

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Provide employees with the ability to tell executives what their top-of-mind issues are with an internal social network. Using Yammer, executives can assess, respond and connect to provide real-time answers to employee challenges and ideas. You can get the pulse of how employees feel about key policy changes and corporate initiatives with the ability to ingest and provide feedback across the corporation from anywhere, at any time. Using Microsoft 365, executives can deliver key messages via virtual town halls, share business goals, promote dialogue and let employees know they are being heard.


  • Keep employees informed about strategy and company goals.

  • Promote cross-organizational discussions and feedback.

  • Help executives stay informed and employees engaged.

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