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Find candidates for roles more efficiently

Finding the best candidate for an open role requires looking both internally and externally and ensuring the job posting is seen by as many people as possible. You need an easy way to creative visibility about the open position and source candidates from all possible places.

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Start looking for candidates by discovering the talent you already have internally with Delve, a personalized, intelligent search tool. Delve includes rich employee profiles that highlight the projects they’ve worked on, skills they have, and interests they want to develop. It’s integrated with LinkedIn to help employees call out all their work experience.

You can also post the job description to Yammer, an enterprise social network where employees can connect across the organization. Encourage people to share the post with their professional network and ask those who are interested to apply.

Once you’ve found the right candidates to evaluate, create a Microsoft Teams channel where recruiters and managers can share and review candidate resumes. Use chat and audio or video calling to discuss candidates and keep track of next steps. Once you identify and hire a candidate, you’ll still have the other resumes to reference in Teams when similar roles become available.


  • Discover in-house talent.

  • Use internal and external social networks to gather leads.

  • Manage potential candidates as a team.

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