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Surface Earbuds device photo

Set up Surface Earbuds

Get going right away. Learn how to pair your Surface Earbuds and set them up in the Surface Audio app.  

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Find your fit

Explore Surface Earbuds

Taking Surface Earbuds out of case

Use Surface Earbuds

Control music and calls screen-free. Find out what touch gestures to use.

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Surface Earbuds with Office apps

Use Microsoft 365 with Surface Earbuds

Be more productive by using Surface Earbuds and Microsoft 365 together.

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Screenshot of Surface Audio app with Surface Earbuds

Manage Surface Earbuds settings

Use the Surface Audio app to customize settings for your Surface Earbuds.

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Holding Surface Earbuds and case

Care for Surface Earbuds

Learn how to keep your Surface Earbuds clean and sounding their best.

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Work remotely

Get resources and tools to connect, work, learn, and play from home.

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Working on Surface Book.

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