Career Coach is a Microsoft Teams for Education app powered by LinkedIn that provides personalized guidance for higher education students to navigate their career journey.  Career Coach offers educational institutions a unified career solution for students to discover their career path, grow real-world skills, and build their network all in one place. 

In Career Coach, students can choose goals like “build my network” or “gain real-world experience” to navigate key points in their career journey. To reach a goal, students complete career-related activities using the combined capabilities of Career Coach, LinkedIn, selected courses from LinkedIn Learning, and campus resources.

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If you're new to Career Coach, you can learn more general information about it here. There's also information for faculty and staff, a get started guide for IT admins, and a quick start guide for students

The activities in Career Coach encourage self-discovery and collaboration. Students identify their unique strengths and goals, then complete achievable tasks while making valuable connections with peers, alumni, faculty, and their campus career advisor. Below are some lesson ideas for engaging with students' goals and activities on Career Coach. 

Overview of the lessons 

The lesson guide provides career-related lesson plans and activities with the goal of supporting students take confident and meaningful steps towards their career journey and to maximize their engagement with Career Coach. The lessons can be used at any stage in a student's educational career. In each lesson’s activities, students view selected courses on LinkedIn Learning and use Career Coach and LinkedIn to complete an actual career-related step. Many of the courses include exercise files for students to grow their career-searching skills and confidence. You can also customize each lesson to include your institution’s existing resources. These activities can be done in-person or on Microsoft Teams. 

The lessons are organized in order of the student’s progress towards career-related activities from beginner to advanced. Each lesson starts with a learning objective, followed by numbered activity steps. Completing a lesson aligns with one or more activities on Career Coach that drives progress towards a career-related goal.   

In each lesson, students will: 

  1. Learn with courses from LinkedIn Learning that teach skills to reach their goal. 

  2. Reflect on the courses with questions to identify individual strengths and plan next steps.

  3. Pair with a peer in-person or on Microsoft Teams to share ideas, reflections, and insights. 

  4. Use Career Coach and LinkedIn to grow skills, collaborate with peers, and build a network.

  5. Get advice from campus career services or a faculty advisor about next steps.

How to use these lessons

The lesson plans are designed for faculty, staff, student leaders, or anyone interested in using Career Coach in a classroom. You can use the lessons however you see fit in your class structure. They can be copy/pasted right into an assignment for students to complete, or you can send them the link right to the full lesson plan, or any other way that works for you. Some ways you can use the lessons include:  

  • In the classroom as a companion to coursework.

  • In career advising and coaching sessions.

  • At a Career Coach launch, onboarding, or training event.

  • In preparation for a campus career fair.

  • At meetings or events for student-led groups or organizations for professional development.

  • As part of new student orientation events.


Check out all the lessons linked here: 

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