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Setup Class Notebook

Create a Class Notebook

Add Class Notebook to OneNote

Add content to Class Notebook

Setup, manage, and explore Class Notebook, including features of sections and pages

Adding students to Class Notebook

Create and distribute assignments

Review assignments

Add students to a Class Notebook in OneNote

Work in Class Notebook

Use Researcher

Use Draw feature

Use Digital Ink

Use search feature

Use Tell Me

Print from OneNote

Add or remove co-teachers in Class Notebook

Provide written, audio, or video feedback in Class Notebook


Check to see if students have edited an assignment

Create an assignment in LMS and your Class Notebook

Post scores from Class Notebook to LMS or SIS

Manage Class Notebook

Create Teacher-Only section group in Class Notebook

Create student groups in Class Notebook

Create parent and guardian links in Class Notebook

Create a Class Notebook in OneNote

Distribute Class Notebook pages and sections

Distribute Class Notebook Content Library

Delete a Class Notebook in OneDrive

Find and share Class Notebook URL

Move students between Class Notebooks in OneNote

See all Class Notebooks at once in OneNote 2016 or 2013

Staff Notebook

Setup and manage Staff Notebook

Additional help resources

Getting Started with OneNote: This course will introduce you to OneNote, show you how to add content and multi-media videos and tools, show you how to organize materials and create interactive templates for your students in OneNote.

OneNote Class Notebook: A teachers' all-in-one notebook for students: Provides and overview of OneNote demonstrates how to make your OneNote individualized for students, how to give meaningful feedback to students, add multi-media content, share with parents and demonstrates tools for accessibility and inclusion such as Immersive Reader, Math for OneNote and accessibility tools for diverse learners.

OneNote Toolkit for Teacher’s Guide: Provides educators with a pre-populated OneNote with different lesson ideas, support articles and tutorials and getting started guides.

Create a notebook for each subject, co-author lessons, and share student work using OneNote: Quick tip video on taking notes, co-authoring content and the Send to OneNote feature in web browser.

How to Personalize Math with OneNote: This article shows how to use the Math for OneNote features as well as how to organize and set up a OneNote for student choice boards, small group instruction and daily reflection.

How to make adaptive learning activities in OneNote: Gives examples of students pacing for both accelerated and special education students and how to use OneNote for mastery learning paths.

OneNote in higher education: The ultimate tools for teaching, advising, and administration: Describes how high school teachers are using OneNote for teaching, feedback, student advisement and administering classwork and assessments.

OneNote Versatility

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