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Create assignments, grade, or turn in your work. All from Teams.

Create an assignment

  1. Navigate to your class team and select Assignments.

  2. Select Create > Assignment.

Assignments app opened in a class team.

Select Create, then Assignment.

Add details to your assignment

The only thing your assignment requires to be saved is a title. All other fields are optional.

Tip:  Read more step-by-step instructions for reusing assignments, assigning quizzes, and more.

When you are finished, select Assign. To save this assignment as a draft, select Save.

New assignment creation page

More on adding resources

  1. Select Add resources to choose an existing file or create a blank Office 365 document to assign to each student.

  2. Select Attach.

  • The default for the file will be Students can't edit, which means the document is read-only. This is a great option for reference materials.

  • Select More options  More options button  > Students edit their own copy to distribute an identical document to each student to edit and turn in.

Add resources to an assignment.

Choose assignment timeline

  1. To adjust when an assignment is sent out or whether you'll accept late assignments, select Edit underneath the due date field.

  2. Make your selections and click Done.

Note: By default, no close date will be selected, which allows students to turn in assignments late.

Edit assignment timeline window.

View grades

Track student progress and access grades in the Grades app.

  1. Navigate to your class team and select Grades.

Assignments appear in rows and your students in a column. Assignments are ordered by due date, with the nearest date at the beginning. Scroll down or across to continue viewing assignments.

Your students' work will have different statuses:

  • Viewed - The student has opened and viewed the assignment.

  • Turned in - The student has turned in the assignment and work is ready to grade.

  • Returned or points - When you've graded student work, the points assigned will show. You'll see Returned if the assignment doesn't have points.

  • Blank - No action has been taken on the assignment yet.

The Grades app open in a class team.

Full view of Grades tab

Start grading

You can click on any cell in the Grades tab to edit it.

  1. To begin grading, select More options  More options button  on a cell, then Open student work.

  2. This will open your student's assignment with a Feedback and Points field you can fill in.

  3. To write comments on the document itself, select Edit Document, and then either choose to edit in the desktop app or your web browser.

  4. Click the arrows next to the student's name to move between student assignments.

  5. Select Click Return > Return or Return for revision when you are done grading and want to return an assignment to a student. This means they will be notified and can see your feedback.

Open student work

Grading a student assignment

Edit Document

Return multiple grades at once

  1. To return more than one student grade at the once, click on Assignments.

  2. Select an assignment.

  3. You can enter feedback and points here without opening student work.

  4. Use the check-boxes to select which student work to return, or if you'd like to select all.

  5. Click Return > Return or Return for revision.

Tip: Learn more about the Grades tab and reviewing student work.

List of students assignments to review, grade, and return.

View and turn in assignments 

  1. Head to a class team and select Assignments.  

  2. To view assignment details and turn in work, select the assignment.  


  3. Attach any required materials, and select Turn in.

Select the Assignments tab to view your assignments in one class.

View your assignment and select Turn in.

See your grades 

To see grades for assignments your teacher has reviewed and sent back to you: 

  1. Select Grades in your class team.

  2. All your assignments are listed here with the nearest due date at the top. View your status on each assignment as well as points you've received on graded work. Assignments without points will show as Returned after your teacher has reviewed them. 

  3. Use the arrows next to Due date and Assignment to sort your assignments.

The Grades app open in a class team.

A student's view of the Grades tab.

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