That Microsoft account doesn't exist

Applies to: Microsoft Account

If you try to sign in to your Microsoft account and you get the message That Microsoft account doesn’t exist. Enter a different email address or get a new account, it means the username you typed isn’t the one that’s connected to your Microsoft account.   

Before you decide to Sign up for a new Microsoft account, here’s a few things to check that might help you get signed in.  

Is there an issue with the info you typed in?

  • Check for spelling errors or typos in the username you typed.
  • Did you use the right domain for the account you want to sign in, such as,, or
  • Are you trying to use an Xbox gamer tag instead of a username?  Your Xbox gamertag won’t work as a username to sign in to your Microsoft account, it’s just your unique name on Xbox.
  • Are you trying to use a work or school account? Work or school accounts can feel a lot like Microsoft accounts because you use them to sign in to Microsoft apps and services like Outlook or Office 365. But these accounts are restricted from services like the Microsoft account website.

Have you forgotten your username?  

  • Try the username hint: go to Microsoft account. Select Sign in options. Select Forgot my username. Enter an alternate email address or phone number that is associated with your Microsoft account. Select Next. Choose either Text, Call, or Use email instead. Enter the code Microsoft sent to the phone number or email address you chose. You'll see a list of all usernames you've associated with your alternative email address or phone number. Select Sign in using one of the usernames shown there.
  • Look for your username on a Windows 10 device where you’re already signed in: Select the Start  button > Settings  > Accounts  > Email & app accounts . You'll see the usernames associated with your device.
  • If you have an Xbox, the Find your Microsoft email address walkthrough takes you through the process of finding your account information on your Xbox.
  • Open an Office 2016 app, like Word or Excel. Select File > Account. Under Product Information, you'll see Belongs to with the associated username.

Could your account be closed or deleted?

  • If you previously closed your Microsoft account, you have 60 days from that closure to sign in and reopen it. After that 60 days, your account and data are permanently deleted.
  • If you haven't signed in to your account in a long time, it might have been deleted due to inactivity:
If the last time you signed in was your account expires
before June 2014,  after 1 year of inactivity.
between June 2014–August 2015,  after 2 years of inactivity.
after August 2015,  after 5 years of inactivity.

If you need more info, see Microsoft account help.