Filter inappropriate apps and games

Content filters work to block out inappropriate and mature content on the web and certain apps and games above their set age. To learn how to filter inappropriate websites, see Filter inappropriate websites and searches in Microsoft Edge.

Note: Family Safety currently supports filtering inappropriate apps or games on Windows devices and Xbox consoles. 

  1. Go to and sign in with your Microsoft account.

  2. Find your family member and select Content Filters

  3. Go to Apps and Games. Under Allow apps and games rated for select the age limit you want to apply to them.

  4. When they ask to use a blocked app or game, you can approve it and add it to the Always allowed list, which is under Content Filters.

Note: If you want to keep an eye on the content your family member is using but don’t want to set up content filters, go to the Activity page and change Activity reporting from Off to On.

1.  Choose the child or family member you want to apply content filters on.

2. Tap on the Content filters card.

3. Tap on Apps and games.

4. Set an age limit that you want to apply to their apps and games.

5. Save changes by tapping save in the top left corner. 

Note: Always allowed games will appear in the apps and games card. If you get a request for your child or family member to download an app or game that is above their age limit, it will appear in always allowed. 

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