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Learn about family group roles, permissions, and data sharing

Whether you’re inviting family members to your family group or the one being invited, there are two options for what someone’s role can be: an Organizer or a Member.

Depending on the age of a Member in your family group, an Organizer can have control over permissions for how data is shared with the rest of the family. Every family is different, so you can have a conversation about what roles and permissions work best for yours.

Organizers are like an admin for your family group, but there can be more than one in each family. They’re in charge of adding and removing people from the family group and managing settings for others in the family group. Depending on the age on the Microsoft account and which permissions a Member has turned on, here’s what organizers can set up for them:

  • screen time limits on devices, apps, and games

  • content filters for apps, games, and the web

  • activity reports, which can include apps used, as well as web browsing and search history

  • ask to buy

  • find your child, which lets organizers see their Android device on a map

  • add money to their Microsoft account

Note: Organizers must be adults, which is 18+ in most regions. 

Members can be kids or adults.

Microsoft requires parental consent for Microsoft accounts with a birthdate that’s below a country’s minimum age requirements. For child accounts below the minimum age, organizers have control over the account’s data sharing permissions. Once kids reach a minimum age for their country, like 13 in the US, they have more control over their account, can leave the family group, and can decide what kind of data they share with other family members.

Here’s the kind of data they can choose to share: 

Let organizers see your devices: If this is turned on, organizers can check on device health and see if any updates are needed. 

Let organizers see your activity: If this is turned on, organizers can turn on activity reporting, ask to buy, screen time, and app and game limits. They can see things like apps and games you use, sites you visit, and things you search for on the web. They can also add money into the account.

Let organizers see your location: If this is turned on, organizers can turn on find your child and see where someone is on a map if they have an Android device with Microsoft Launcher installed.

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