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Connect family members’ devices through Microsoft Family Safety to enable activity reporting and gain insight into their online habits. This feature allows family organizers to view certain web, search, app and game activity of another family member. This information is accessible through a web browser or the Family Safety app. You can also opt into receiving weekly emails that detail family members’ activities on Microsoft Edge, Xbox and Windows devices.  Organizers can only view activities from connected devices.  

Enable activity reporting 

Note: This task can only be completed by a family organizer.

  1. Open the Microsoft Family Safety app.

  2. Tap the family member account you would like to enable activity reporting on.

  3. Tap Settings. Turn on Activity reporting toggle.

  1. Visit and sign into your Family account.

  2. Find your family member and click Overview.

  3. Scroll down to Activity Settings > Activity reporting > On.

View activity reporting

  1. Open your Family Safety app.

  2. Find your family member and tap their name. Switch between Today and Last 7 days to view their daily or weekly activities.

Note: To receive weekly activity reporting emails, turn on Email me weekly reports toggle.

  1. Visit and sign into your Family account.

  2. Find your family member and click Overview.

  3. Select the category you would like to view reporting of: Screen timeApps and Games or Web and search.

Note: To receive weekly activity reporting emails, turn on Email me weekly reports toggle.

Activity reporting features

Apps and games

In Apps and games, view which apps and games your family member has been using and for how long. If you use content filters to block age-inappropriate apps and games, those will also be listed. 

Tip: On Xbox, remind your family member to sign out if they leave the console. Activity is reported while they are signed in, even if others are using the device.  

Web and search

Web and search activity include websites your family member visited and terms they searched for using the Bing search engine. If you have enabled web and search filters, any attempts to visit blocked websites will be shown as well. 

Note: Activity reporting only includes web and search activity when a member uses the Microsoft Edge browser while signed into their Microsoft account.  

Screen time

Screen time reporting shows daily and weekly details about when and for how long your family member used their devices. Gain insight into the amount of time your family member spends on a particular social media app, game or web browser and decide whether you would like to enable screen time limits for any connected devices.  

To view screen time for a family member, tap Today, then Screen time > Devices

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