Microsoft account security info & verification codes

Applies to: Microsoft account

Security info confirms your identity

Security info is an alternate contact email address or phone number that you add to your account. If you forget your password, or if someone else is trying to take over your account, we send a verification code to that alternate email or phone number. When you give the code back to us, we know that you’re really you so we can help get you back into your Microsoft account.

We use your security info only to verify your identity if you're accessing personal information or if we detect a problem with your account. 

Before we start into how to manage your security info, let's make sure we’ve successfully sent your verification code.

Manage your security info

You can change your password, update info, or review recent activity. If you're not already signed in to your Microsoft account, you'll see a prompt.

Change your security information

Manage your security info

On your Security basics account page, you can add, update, or remove security info. Select any of the following to find out how.