See your child's device and app use with activity reports

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When you add your child to your family group and turn on activity reporting, you'll get weekly activity report emails that show you a summary of their activity on Microsoft Edge and on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android devices that have Microsoft Family Safety installed. 

The reports include games and apps they used, websites they visited, terms they searched for on search engines like Bing, and how much screen time they had. You can also view activity reports and turn the setting on or off from the web or in the Microsoft Family Safety app.

Activity reports

Web and search activity

Apps and games

Here you can see all the apps and games your child has been using, including any that were blocked.

Screen time

For a breakdown of your child's overall time spent on each of their devices, the Screen time section indicates when and for how long your child used their devices throughout the week. You'll see a list of how much time they spent on their devices overall by each day, and how much time they spent on each device during the entire week.

To adjust your child's screen time limits, select Change restrictions.