Surface won’t turn on or wake from sleep

Applies to: Surface Devices

If your Surface won’t start up, or if it goes to sleep and won’t wake up, here are some solutions that can help you get it running again.

What you see

  • A black screen, with no Surface logo.
  • Nothing happens when you press the power button.
  • Your Surface appears to be turned off or in a power-saving state.
  • The Windows Hello infrared LED light may glow red.

If your Surface won’t turn on or wake from sleep, try the following solutions.

Solution 1: Connect the power supply

Connect the power supply and ensure the LED light is on. Press the power button once to turn on your Surface. If the LED light doesn’t light or flashes, go to Surface battery won’t charge for help. If the battery charge is low, you may see a battery icon on the screen for 10 to 15 minutes before Windows starts.

Solution 2: Try waking your Surface with hotkeys

You might be able to wake your Surface using a special keyboard shortcut.

  • If you have a keyboard connected, simultaneously press the Windows logo key  +Ctrl+Shift+B.
  • If you are in tablet mode, simultaneously press both the volume-up and volume-down buttons three times in quick succession (within two seconds).

If Windows is responsive, you should hear a short beep while Windows tries to refresh the screen. If your Surface still won't turn on, try Solution 3.

Solution 3: Force a shut down and restart

See Force a shut down and restart your Surface to find out how.

Video: Force a shut down and restart your Surface

Solution 4: Undock and disconnect all extra peripherals

Leave your Surface plugged in to the power supply that was included with the device, but remove everything else that’s connected to it, including the Typing Cover, accessories, adapters, external monitor, and microSD card. Then, disconnect your Surface from the docking station if you’re using one. Press the power button once to turn on your Surface.

If your Surface turns on:

If one of the solutions worked and your Surface turns on, charge the battery until it has at least a 40 percent charge. Then.  install the latest Surface and Windows updates. For more info, see Install Surface and Windows updates.

If your Surface turns on but you're experiencing an issue with Windows starting or responding, select the link next to what you’re experiencing for more info:

If your Surface … Go to this page
  • Turns on but displays a black, blue, or dark-colored screen
  • Turns on but the screen appears to be backlit
  • Turns on but displays a different screen (not Windows), like Automatic Repair or Choose an option
  • Turns on and the Surface logo remains on the screen for more than a few seconds
Surface turns on, but Windows won’t start
  • Turns on but Windows freezes and stops responding
Windows stops responding on Surface


If your Surface still won’t turn on:

Your Surface may need service. Go to Device service and repair to start a service request.