Fix family activity reporting

Applies to: Microsoft accountWindows 10

Windows 10

  • Activity reporting is available if you have a child in your family group. You can learn how to turn activity reporting on or off, including turning off email notifications if you only want to view the report online.
  • Having trouble with activity reporting? Here are some solutions to try:
  • Check that your child’s Microsoft account didn't expire on their device
    • Have the child sign in with their Microsoft account on their device. Select > Start  > Settings > Accounts . Select Verify and follow the prompts to verify their account. If you don't see the Verify option, open Microsoft Edge  on your child's device and verify the account at
  • Check the privacy settings on your child’s device
    • Select the Start button, then select Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback and make sure the diagnostic data level is set to Enhanced or Full.
    • If the device usage data seems inaccurate, keep in mind that idle time counts as screen time, but doesn’t count as usage.
  • Try rebooting your family’s devices
    • Select Start > Power > Restart.
  • Make sure your family’s devices have the latest Windows updates
    • Select Start Settings  > Update & security > Windows Update  > Check for updates and install any available updates. We’re always making improvements.

Xbox One

Microsoft Launcher

Here are a few things to check if you're not getting app activity reports from your child's Android device when it's running Microsoft Launcher.

  • Check that Activity reporting is turned on
    • Sign in to your family group with your adult account, find your child’s name, select Activity, expand Manage, and turn on Activity reporting
  • Make sure Microsoft Launcher has permission
    • If you see a banner notification at the top of your child’s device saying the launcher needs permission for certain features to work, tap the notification and then follow the instructions.
    • If you don’t see a notification banner, swipe left from the home screen, and look for your child’s profile at the top of the feed. You’ll see a message if your child needs to turn the permission on. Tap on the message and follow the steps on the screen.

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