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The Microsoft Loop app is currently available at no cost for personal Microsoft Accounts during Public Preview. To enable this and prevent misuse of the free service, there are quantitative limits on Loop workspace usage. The limitations, stated here, may change in the future. 

Personal Microsoft Accounts

These limitations on storage size, number of workspaces, and number of workspace members apply to personal Microsoft Accounts using the Loop app in Public Preview.


Limit (maximum)

Size of a Loop workspace

5 GB

Workspaces created by one user

5 Workspaces

Number of members of a workspace

50 Members

Common concerns 

No, during Loop app Public Preview, there's no way to buy additional storage. The maximum storage size of a Loop workspace can't be increased beyond the limitation stated here. 

You can reduce the size of your Loop workspace by deleting unneeded pages and/or deleting unneeded page-version history. 

Note: Deletion of pages and version history will only be supported on web during Loop app Public Preview.

To delete pages you no longer need:

  1. In the sidebar, open the “” menu. 

  2. Choose Delete 

To delete unneeded versions of pages from history:   

  1. Open the “” menu in the top-right corner of the page.

  2. Choose Version History.

  3. Delete unneeded versions from the list. 

You may exceed limitations because of certain sizeable content within a specific page, but deleting content from that page does not reduce overall workspace size. Fortunately, it is possible to remove page elements to reduce size while keeping the rest of the page intact. Take these steps:  

  1. Create a new Loop page.

  2. Copy and paste all content from the existing “oversize” Loop page into the new page.

  3. Delete the excessive content from this new Loop page – which is your newly trimmed-down replacing page.

  4. Completely delete the old, oversized Loop page. 

Caution: If you are close to your reaching your storage limit there may be insufficient available storage capacity to copy and paste a large page's content into a new page. 

Once you reach your maximum number of Loop workspaces, you can make space for a new one by deleting any other existing workspace that you have personally created: 

  1. Identify an existing workspace (that you personally created) that you want to delete.

  2. Copy and paste the contents of any pages you want to keep from that workspace into a different workspace (i.e., into one that you’re not going to delete). 

  3. On the workspace to be deleted, open the “” menu on the Loop Home screen, then choose Delete.

  4. Once the workspace is deleted, you now have space to create a new one.

Once you reach the maximum number of allowed users in a Loop workspace, you will need to remove existing members from the workspace to make space for adding others:

  1. Open the workspace.

  2. Select the Members button under the name of the workspace in the sidebar. 

  3. Select the "X" button on the persons to be removed (presumably those who no longer need access).

  4. You can now add more users per the number of users that have been deleted. 

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