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Getting Started 


General Questions 

Calendar Management  


How do you report an issue or bug? 

Updating your email account password 

How can I recover my password for Microsoft accounts: including, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Onenote, etc.?

I need help with my account. 

Why is my Microsoft Exchange account disabled? 

How do I clear the cache or locally reset/refresh the client/app? 

How do I manually enter my Exchange account information? 

Error: IMAP Autodiscover Failed 

Error: Invalid IMAP Server Info 

Error: New Contact Security Notice 

Error: SMTP Invalid Server Info 

Error: SMTP Autodiscover Failed 

Error: SMTP SSL Check Failed 

Error: SMTP Secure Connection 

How do I enter IMAP port numbers? 

I can’t add a second Microsoft 365 account to my Outlook app. What’s going on? 

After I changed my primary alias on my account, I can’t log back in. 

Is there a limit to how many accounts I can add to my Outlook app? 

I see Error 403, or disallowed_useragent and a Google error. What’s up? 

I don’t see how to forward or reply to a message anymore: It used to be on the bottom navigation bar. Where did it go? 

My iPhone X (or later) doesn’t have a home button. How can I kill the app, take a screenshot, or force reset on this device? 

Where are my starred and important folders in my Gmail account? 

2 factor authentication with AOL accounts 

I haven’t used Outlook for a while. Why are my messages taking a long time to sync on my Gmail or Exchange account... 

Mailbox Quota Exceeded 

Failed to add Microsoft 365 account or cannot syncing new messages with your existing Microsoft 365 account? 

NoSuchAccountException: Login Error 

Access Denied: Login Error 

WrongServerType: Login Error 

Why can’t I see my calendar or contacts from my Yahoo account? 

Phone numbers with special characters do not initiate a call

Data Privacy and Security  

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