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Smart charging is a feature that helps protect your Surface battery against conditions that may accelerate battery deterioration or lead to expansion. Smart charging is always active and turns on automatically when it detects your device is plugged in for prolonged periods or used at elevated temperatures.

When smart charging is turned on, your battery discharges and limits its maximum charge to 80%. A heart icon will appear over the battery icon in the system tray to let you know smart charging is active and on. You might notice reduced battery life as a result.

When you discharge your battery below 20% or use your battery often, smart charging will automatically pause and allow your device to charge to 100%. When you need a full battery, you can manually pause smart charging in the Surface app. Smart charging will turn on again when needed, based on your battery use patterns.  

When to charge your battery to 100%

Smart charging is always active on your Surface. When it’s turned on, it’s recommended to keep it turned on. Here are some instances when you might want to pause smart charging to ensure a full battery charge:

  • While traveling, like on a long-haul flight

  • When attending long meetings

  • Going to a coffee shop or restaurant

  • Any time you think you may need to use your battery’s full charge and an outlet may not be available

Note: Only some Surface devices can pause smart charging. To see compatible devices, go to Caring for your Surface battery.

How to charge your battery to 100%

Here's how to pause smart charging: 

  1. Select Start and open the Surface app. If you can't find it on your Surface, you might need to install it from the Microsoft Store. Get the Surface app

  2. When the app is open, select Smart charging > Charge to 100%.

Smart charging will be paused and allow a full battery charge until your Surface needs to turn it on again. It may take several days before smart charging turns on again and limits your battery capacity to 80%. Open the Surface app at any time to see the status of your battery charge. 

Remember to pause it several hours before you need your full battery. If you pause smart charging sooner than it's needed, it might automatically turn on again. 

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