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Charge your Surface using the power supply that came with Surface or using a USB Type-C PD charger (for Surface devices that have a USB-C port).

USB-C charging

For Surface devices that have a USB-C port, you can choose to charge your device using that with a USB Type-C PD charger. If you choose to do so, keep these things in mind:

  • For best performance, we recommend using a USB-C PD charger that provides at least the same wattage as the power supply that was included with your Surface

  • If you connect a lower-voltage charger or a USB-A charger with a USB-A-to-USB-C cable, your device may charge slowly. It won’t use Fast Charging. Please connect a recommended charger instead.

  • If the battery is drained, and the charger you’re using uses 60 watts or more, your Surface will instantly turn on when you plug it in. If you’re using a charger that uses less than 60 watts, your Surface must charge to 10% before it will turn on.

  • You can’t charge your Surface with a Surface Connect charger and USB-C charger at the same time. If both are connected, your Surface will only charge from the Surface Connect charger.

  • Surface Studio 2 has a USB-C port, but you can’t use it to power the device. You should use the AC power cord that came with your Surface Studio 2 for power.

Fast Charging

If your device has a USB-C port, it can also support Fast Charging. Some Microsoft Surface devices support Fast Charging, so you can spend less time charging your device and more time using it on the go. With Fast Charging, you can charge your battery up to 80% in about an hour on most devices.

Fast Charging requires two main things:

  • Enough power. Use the Microsoft Surface power supply that came with your Surface device. If you're using a USB Type-C PD charger, it needs to be rated at the same wattage or higher as the power supply that came with your Surface. For more info about Surface power supplies, see Surface power supplies and charging requirements.

  • Proper temperature range for charging. Temperature between 25C (77F) and 35C (95F).


  • For Surface Go, Surface Go 2, Surface Go 3, and Surface Laptop SE, you’ll need to buy a different power supply or USB Type-C PD charger rated at 60W or higher.

  • If you have a Surface Dock and use the 90W power adapter that came with it, Fast Charging can be used when you connect your dock to your Surface.

The information on this page applies to the following devices:

  • Surface Laptop: Surface Laptop 3, Surface Laptop 4, Surface Laptop Go, Surface Laptop Go 2, Surface Laptop Studio, Surface Laptop SE

  • Surface Pro: Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro 7+, Surface Pro 8, Surface Pro X

  • Surface Go: Surface Go, Surface Go 2, Surface Go 3

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