Surface shows a logo screen and Windows doesn't start

What you see

  • The Microsoft or Surface logo remains on a black screen and Windows doesn’t start.

  • Getting devices ready or a spinning circle may also appear on the screen below the logo.

If you see this, try the solutions below, in order.

Solution 1: Wait while updates are installing

Sometimes the logo stays on the screen while Surface updates are installing.

Large updates may take up to 20 minutes, so you may need to wait while they install.

For info on troubleshooting installing updates, see Trouble installing Surface and Windows updates?

If the logo continues to appear, try Solution 2.

Solution 2: Force a shut down and restart

To find out how to force your Surface to shut down and restart, see Force a shut down and restart your Surface.

If Windows starts after you force shut down and restart: Install the latest Surface and Windows updates to help prevent future problems. For more info, see Install Surface and Windows updates.

If Windows doesn’t start: Go to Solution 3.

Solution 3: Reset your Surface using a USB recovery drive

Start your Surface by using a USB recovery drive. Insert the USB recovery drive into the USB port on your Surface, and then press and hold the volume-down button while you press and release the power button.

When the Surface logo appears, release the volume-down button. For more info, see Creating and using a USB recovery drive.

Still having issues?

If these steps don't resolve the problem, you can submit a service order to Microsoft. Go to Device Service and Repair, register, and then select your Surface to start a service order.

Device Service & Repair button

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