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Warranty overview

Your new Surface or Surface-branded accessory comes with:

In addition to the standard limited warranty, you may have the option to purchase extended protection for your Surface (not available in all markets).

The easiest way to find the warranty type for your device and the coverage dates is in the Surface app. 

  1. Select Start, enter surface in the search bar, then select the app from the list of results. 

    Open the Surface app

    Note: If you don't see the Surface app in the search results you might need to download the Surface app from the Microsoft Store

  2. Expand Warranty & services

You can also go to account.microsoft.com/devices and select a device to see its warranty. If your device isn't listed, select Register device to add it to your account. You'll see the coverage dates after you do this. 

Frequently asked questions about warranty

Contact support and provide a copy of your original proof of purchase (receipt).

Contact support and provide a copy of your original proof of purchase (receipt).

No, the Surface standard limited warranty and Microsoft Complete are applicable only in the country where you purchased your Surface.

Frequently asked questions about service

If you need help, contact us. You’ll have the option to chat with a support agent or to set up a callback from an agent.

To create a service order for your device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Device service and repair and sign in.

  2. Select the device that needs service. If the device isn't listed, select Register device to register it.

  3. Follow the instructions to complete a service order.

If there are any personal costs associated with the repair, those costs will be described to you before you complete your submission. If you have questions during the submission process, you can contact support for assistance.

Go to account.microsoft.com/devices and select the device that is in service. You should also receive status updates through the email address you provided when you created your service order. If you have questions about the status, contact support.

If the problem with your Surface is not covered by the warranty or if your warranty has expired, your Surface may be eligible for out-of-warranty service for a fee. Be aware that out-of-warranty service for your device may no longer be available in your region. To learn more, see How to get service for Surface.

We provide a post-service warranty for devices that have been serviced or replaced by our service center. The length of the warranty depends on whether the service was in-warranty or out-of-warranty:

  • In-warranty service: If your Surface was serviced or replaced within the original warranty period, you receive either the balance of your original hardware warranty or 90 days, whichever is longer.

  • Out-of-warranty service: If your Surface was serviced outside the original warranty period, your replacement or serviced device will have a 90-day hardware warranty.

Before you send your Surface to us, make sure you check out How to prepare your Surface for service.

To determine your model details, see Find out which Surface model you have.

For help finding this, see Find the serial number on Surface devices.

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