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Meeting participants tend to be more focused and have a better experience when they see a presenter along with a presentation. An interactive presenter also helps guide an audience along with visual cues while reducing information overload. 

By using a presenter mode such as Standout, Side-by-side, or Reporter in a Teams meeting instead of sharing screen or window content only, you become a more engaging and integral part of your presentation.

The following examples show how each presenter mode appears to an audience:

Standout presenter mode
Standout presenter mode

Side-by-side presenter mode

Reporter presenter mode

Use a presenter mode

  1. After your meeting starts, at the upper-right corner of Teams, select Share content Teams share screen iconto choose a Presenter mode and other options.

    Presenter mode share tray
    Meeting presenter modes and options

  2. Under Presenter mode, choose the mode that you want. Also, be sure that your camera is turned on.

  3. Before starting the presentation, select Customize and choose a background image.

  4. To start your presentation, choose to share your Screen or Window on your PC or device.

    Note: Using interactive presenter modes with PowerPoint Live will soon be available.

  5. When your presentation begins, the presenter toolbar briefly appears at the top of your screen. In the toolbar, you can change presenter modes on the fly, give control to another person, and include computer sound.

    To make the toolbar appear again, place your pointer at the top edge of the screen where it first appeared.

    Presenter toolbar
    Presenter toolbar

    Tip: To keep the toolbar on your screen, make it appear again, hover over it, and then select Pin toolbar Chat unpin icon at the upper-right corner. To unpin, select it again.

  6. To stop sharing a screen or window, select Stop presenting in the presenter toolbar, or select Stop sharing in meeting controls at the lower-right.

    Meeting controls
    Meeting controls

Note: Presenter mode customization is available as part of the public preview program and might undergo further changes before being released publicly. To get access to this and other upcoming features, switch to Teams public preview

Presenter modes also allow presenters to customize how their content will be oriented on screen and adjust the size of the video to better fit the presentation.  

Customize video display 

1. Use the Position buttons in the preview window to direct where videos will appear in relation to the content.  

Image showing the position buttons at the top of the meeting screen.

2. Enlarge or reduce video size using the Size slider. Slide the circle to the left to reduce the size of a video, or to the right to enlarge the size of a video. 

Image showing the size slider at the top of the page in presenter mode.

More things to know

  • Interactive presenter modes are only available for the desktop version of Teams.

  • Meeting attendees using the mobile or online versions of Teams will see a shared window or screen and presenter video separately.

  • When you use an interactive presenter mode, a small, moveable picture-in-picture window pops up to show you what your audience sees. If you close this window and need it again, restart the presenter mode.

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