You can add an app to a tab in a channel or chat. Tabs serve almost like bookmarks for you and your teammates—they make it easy to get to the stuff you need. 

Add an app to a tab

1. Go to the channel, group chat, or one-on-one conversation of your choosing and select Add a tab  Add button.

Add a tab to a channel

2. Click the app you want.

3. A description screen for your chosen app will open. Hit Add.

4. Follow the prompts for your next step. Every app is a little bit different.

Add a specific file to a tab

You can turn a specific file into a tab—as long as you or a teammate have already uploaded or shared the file in a message in the chat or channel where you want to create the tab.

  1. Select Add a tab  Add button  and add the app for type of file you want to share. (eg. Word for a Microsoft Word file)

  2. You'll be shown all available files of that file type. Select the one you want and hit Save.

    Add a file in to a tab

Have a conversation about a tab

In the process of adding a tab, a box labeled Post to the channel about this tab is checked by default. (View screenshot in the section above.) You can uncheck it, of course. This starts a conversation about your new tab, and an an automatic post announcing it will appear in the channel.

Post about a tab in a channel

From within the tab, select Show tab conversation Open chat button  to show or hide the discussion (or to start one for the first time).  All replies made here also show up as new replies to the original post in the channel.

Conversation about a tab

Editing files in a tab

Microsoft 365 file types can be edited in tabs by you or anyone in the same channel or chat. It's a fantastic way to collaborate!

For other file types, you'll need to edit your original files in their respective apps, then upload them if you want to share your changes.

Get a link to a tab

To get a link to a tab that you can share with teammates, go to the top-right corner of the tab and click More options  More options icon  > Copy link to tab

Remove a tab

In one-on-one and group chats, anyone in the conversation can remove tabs.

In channels, anyone on the team can remove tabs as long as the team owner has set things up that way.

Go to the tab you want to remove, right click, and select Remove.

Remove a tab

If you don't see Remove when you right click, it's likely for one of the following reasons:

  • Posts and Files are default tabs in channels and chats that cannot be removed.

  • Your org or team owner has restricted who can add or remove channel tabs.

  • The tab you're trying to remove is in a personal app, not a chat or channel. Tabs in personal apps are controlled by the maker of the app.

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