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With Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android (previously called collaboration bars), transform your basic home office or the focus room at a work site into a professional conference space featuring high-quality audio and video. 

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The meeting space in the following image shows a typical Teams Rooms setup for a focus room.

The integrated Teams Rooms device, containing speakers, mics, and a camera, is mounted on the front-of-room display.

Meeting room with integrated device and console

The touch console on the desk controls the meeting experience. During installation, the console and the integrated device are paired so that you can manage the system from anywhere in the space.

If a touch console isn't available, you can operate the system using a physical remote, or on-screen touch controls if you have a touch-screen display.


Several certified Teams Rooms solutions are currently available (see Teams Rooms devices), with more coming soon. They come in various configurations to fit your space and requirements.

Integrated devices

These models integrate mics, speakers, and camera in a single device, making them particularly easy to install and use. 

Example: Poly Studio X30

Poly Studio X30

Modular devices

These models include separate speakers and mics that can be placed closer to the action.

Example: Yealink VC210

Yealink VC210

Touch consoles

When a touch console is paired with the integrated device, you can perform all your meeting-related tasks from your seat, including joining meetings from the home screen, starting instant meetings, and making calls.

Example: Poly TC8

Rooms console on desk

Dual screen support

Some devices support two displays for a more immersive meeting experience.

Example: Yealink MeetingBar A20

Rooms device with two front-of-room displays

Sign in and pairing

  1. Sign in to Teams Rooms with an account and password, or select Sign in from another device to use your computer or phone.

    Use your personal account for a Teams Rooms system that you set up at home, or the resource account when setting up a conference room in a shared space.

  2. If you're pairing a touch console with your integrated device, follow these steps:

    a. Sign in to the console with the same account you used in step 1.
    b. On the console, enter the pairing code that appears on the connected display.

Scheduling meetings

When you schedule meetings, be sure to "invite" the Teams Rooms account so that the meeting will appear on the home screen. Then you'll see the upcoming meetings in the room, and can join one with a single click. 

Here's an example of the home screen on a front-of-room display:

Meetings listed on front-of-room screen

And here's the home screen on a touch console:

Meetings on the console

Make calls 

Select Dial pad on the home screen to place a phone call. 

Dial pad on front-of-room screen

Start instant meetings

  1. Select Meet now on the home screen.

  2. Enter the names of people you're inviting.

    Front-of-room display:

    Enter names to invite people


    Instant meeting on console

  3. Select Start meeting.

Participate in meetings 

Join from the home screen or through an incoming invite. Interact with your teammates using the device's high-fidelity audio and video.  

Front-of-room display:

View of 4 meeting attendees


Console view of 4 participants in meeting

The meeting controls, along the bottom of the front-of-room screen or on the touch console, work like they do for Teams on the desktop or web. 


Use it to

Learn more

Layout   Layout icon

Change what appears on screen.

Change the layout (below)

Show participants  Show participant icon

Show a list of meeting participants alongside any other meeting content.

More actions   Teams more icon black


Use Whiteboard*

Put a call on hold

Use live captions

Record a meeting*

Change your background during a meeting*

Camera  Video off button

Show or hide your video.

Mic   Microphone button

Mute or unmute yourself.

Leave    Leave meeting icon

Leave the meeting.

* Available only for personal accounts

Change the layout 

Choose from a variety of handy layouts so you can view the meeting components that are most important to you.

For example, you can place content and people side-by-side in the content + gallery view.

Meeting content and video on front-of-room screen

Or select a large gallery view of up to 49 video streams at once (for meetings where 10 people or more are sharing video).

Large gallery view of meeting participants

Or look at all participants in a fun virtual audience view called together mode!

Together mode on front-of-room screen

To change the layout

  • Select Layout  Layout icon  in the meeting controls and select a view.

    Switch the screen layout during a meeting

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