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After a service request, you'll need to set up your Surface, install updates, restore your files, and reinstall your apps. 

To find out how to set up Surface Headphones after service, see Set Up Surface Headphones. To find out how to set up Surface Earbuds after service, see Set up Surface Earbuds.

Step 1: Turn on your Surface and complete setup

Use the same Microsoft account you used on your original Surface. This lets you access your same settings, calendar, contacts, and email.

Step 2: Install updates

After setup is complete, you should update your Surface.

Windows 10

Select Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Update, then select Check for updates. You might need to restart your PC.

Windows 11

Select Start > Settings > Windows Update, then select Check for updates. You might need to restart your PC.

After you've installed any available updates, restart your Surface, and then check for updates again. Repeat this until there are no more updates. For more info, see Update Windows

Step 3: Pair your Bluetooth accessories

After a replacement, you’ll need to pair your Bluetooth accessories with your Surface. For more information, see Connect a Bluetooth device in Windows.

If you’re having issues pairing your Bluetooth accessory, see Troubleshoot problems with your Microsoft Bluetooth mouse or keyboard

Step 4: Restore your files

Add your files that you previously backed up, as described in How to prepare your Surface for service.

Video: Restore a backup to your Surface

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

Note: This video is available in English only.


If you backed up your files to OneDrive, you can access them whenever you need them. For more info about using OneDrive, see OneDrive on your PC.

Restore files with File History or File Explorer

  • File Explorer. You can copy files manually to your Documents, Videos, Pictures, and Music libraries from another storage location.

Step 5: Reinstall your apps

When you get a Surface back from our service center, you’ll need to reinstall your Windows apps and other software, like Microsoft Office.

Reinstall Windows apps

Windows 11

  1. Select Start, then select Microsoft Store.

  2. Select Library, and choose the apps or games you want to install on your Surface. 

Windows 10

  1. Select Start, then select Microsoft Store.

  2. Select More , and then select My Library.

  3. Choose the apps or games you want to install and select Download .

Reinstall Microsoft Office

When you're ready to reinstall Office, sign in at with the same Microsoft account you associated with your Office product when you first installed it. You can also find installation steps here:

Install Office on your PC or Mac

Reinstall any other apps or programs

Install any other programs you used by either visiting the software developer’s site or by installing from the program CD you purchased.

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